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What We Do

Plot A New Course

Does your organization need help with its next strategic planning cycle or with a business process efficiency analysis? Whether you need a five-year technology plan, are restructuring your management team, or want your call-center workers to handle 20% more calls, we can help.

Optimize Your Software Processes

Do you need software to support unique data data processing, automation, or case management processes, and nothing ‘off the shelf’ will work? We develop and implement custom software solutions.

Secure The New Perimeter

Does your information security strategy and practices support work from home and BYOD? We perform information security vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and provide security technology implementation assistance for the modern organization with a ‘fuzzy’ perimeter. 

We create powerful, efficient business processes through innovative solutions. We help your team help others more efficiently.

Our Promises To You

Benefits & Values

Full-Spectrum Solutions:

Our expertise is wide-ranging, encompassing everything from strategic planning, to information security, to software development, to business process efficiency.

Dramatic Returns on Investment:

We only provide solutions which are actionable, appropriate for your business, and which we believe will result in a dramatic return on investment in terms of improved business processes and systems. We try to target at least a 1:10 ratio between your investment and the value realized to your business as a result of our work together.


Our promise to you is that if we do not feel our services are the right fit for your needs, we will always tell you, and will orient you in the best path forward in all circumstances. While we can not always guarantee specific results, we unconditionally guarantee the quality of our work and the sincerity and transparency of our relationship with your organization.

What We Offer

Information Systems Audits and Strategic Planning

Effective management of information systems depends on periodic audits and inventories of systems and processes. Our approach to evaluating information systems governance and efficiency incorporates an industry-standard governance framework combined with your own business goals, objectives and standards. After we establish process baselines and key performance indicators through an audit, we then help you create the information systems strategic plan that will bring you to the next level.

Security Assessments and Penetration Tests

These are our more in-depth and security-focused services which are offered only to those organizations which already have a mature and well-governed information security program. These services are focused on identifying gaps and weak points in your security strategy and implementation.

Business Process Efficiency Services

We thoroughly investigate and evaluate your business processes using the ISACA’s Capability Maturity Model Integration program to identify inefficiencies and opportunities. We then provide the implementation assistance you need to reach the next efficiency peak.

Custom-Built Software

We can develop a wide range of custom software solutions for whatever business problem you face when nothing off-the-shelf will meet your needs. We have developed browser plugins, desktop applications, artificial intelligence chatbots, document assembly systems, law firm online intake systems, and web scrapers. We specialize in connecting information systems from different vendors in new and innovative ways.

Meet CMC

About Us

Clark Management Consulting’s solutions don’t come out of a box ready to plug and play. We pride ourselves on identifying your challenges quickly and designing strategies to address them, always keeping top of mind your organization’s needs. We have been providing business management and technology solutions to governmental entities, law firms, and human service non-profits since 2003. We know the landscape, we know the technological challenges you face, and we understand your organizational mission and vision.

Our founder, Alex Clark, has been developing and implementing custom technology solutions for non-profit organizations, businesses, and governmental entities since 2003. Alex is a Nebraska-licensed attorney,  a full-stack web developer, and holds a dozen technical, information security, and business management certifications from (ISC)², ISACA, PMI, CompTIA, Microsoft, and IAPP.


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Guaranteed. We stand by the quality of our work Unconditionally.

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Who We Help

Many of our customers are small- and medium-sized non-profit law firms from across the United States, but we work with for-profit businesses, governmental entities, and non-profits of all sizes and missions.


The non-profit organization I work for was in the last stages of switching from one online case management system to another. Our old system was going offline, so we had to get all of our files transferred over to the new system or risk losing them permanently, and with the deadline looming we discovered that we couldn’t get a large number of files to transfer.

We reached out to Alex for help because of his familiarity with our old CMS and his expertise in the programming language it was built with. Alex immediately understood and was sensitive to the pressures we were under and what a stressful situation it was, identified the problem right away, came up with an innovative fix super fast, was really communicative and accommodating, and was willing to talk directly with the outside tech company handling the project since my colleagues and I are not tech people.

He basically saved the entire project. He impressed us and he also impressed our outside tech people, and both our organizations would absolutely reach out to him again if another problem were to come up.

Emily Spreiser
Pension Rights Center

“Pine Tree Legal Assistance is the largest provider of civil legal aid in the state of Maine – but we still receive many more requests for help than we have the funding and capacity to meet. Often, people would reach out to us any way they could, including on social media messenger platforms – and we never had the staff capacity to respond the way we would have liked. We needed a chatbot – but not just any off-the-shelf chatbot. A friendly, welcoming bot that could run on and help users find what they were looking for on our very information-dense site. A bot that could help people find our educational materials, but also point them in the direction of their local office. And, tell jokes, of course! 

 Working with Alex was the perfect fit for us, and our project! With an insider’s understanding of the often difficult and complex realities of running a legal aid program, Alex was able to quickly grasp what we were trying to accomplish, as well as our limitations. In addition to doing excellent work, Alex also understood, and worked within, our larger project principles and priorities. In this case, creating a tool that PTLA staff would be able to update and maintain on our own for years to come, and is easily replicable by other legal aid programs who might want to modify a version of their own. Alex worked with us to bring our vision to life, and now, nearly a year after launch we are pleased to report that our chatbot, Moose, has been a great success! This is a project we are very proud of – and working with Alex is a big part of what made it possible.”

Jack Haycock
Pine Tree Legal Assistance

“Alex’s people skills, reasonable rates, and very rare skill set make him an indispensable resource for Legal Aid organizations such as ours. He understands our organization’s systems, our clients, and our needs. His work is very well communicated and always timely. 
While his technical knowledge is both broad and deep, he is not one to steer us to a cookie cutter solution. I always sense that Alex is considering a problem, and proposing a solution, from our perspective and then explaining it in terms we can understand.
When one of our senior staff hears that Alex has taken on a project, a sigh of relief typically follows.

Eric Vang
Alaska Legal Services Corporation